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Martin Hill | West Midlands

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December: Why Salespeople Fail and What To Do About It

Join us for a Sales Workshop.


December: Why Salespeople Fail and What To Do About It 

January: Selling Strategies in a Tough Economy  

Learn to close more sales.

Are you wasting too much time, energy, and resources trying to convince people to buy your products and services?

Join us for a sales workshop to understand the differences between the buyer behaviour and the seller behaviour and start closing more business.

This is an interactive and collaborative session aimed at small business owners, MD's and Sales leaders to help you understand what a different sales system could look like and how it can impact the performance of your business.   

The next interactive session will take place virtually on:

Tuesday 13th December 9:00am - 10.15am

Join Martin Hill at this session, designed for sales and business leaders that are typically:

  • Concerned that they seem to lose more sales opportunities than win them
  • Frustrated that they do a lot of free consulting in sales meetings
  • Worried that they seem to discount to win new business

Sandler Training is the worldwide leader in sales and management training, with over 300 offices in 25+ countries.

By harnessing the proven principles, strategies and methods created by Sandler Training, you can maximise your business potential. 

Working with blue-chip companies like Oracle, Salesforce and LinkedIn all the way to SME's, Sandler Training's methodologies have helped countless people achieve success.  

The next interactive session hosted by Martin Hill will take place virtually on Tuesday 13th December 2022 at 9.00am

What Clients Say



I found Martin’s Executive Briefing to be very insightful and of great value as it took away many of my preconceptions around sales and selling. It made me realise that a successful sales team is about structure, process and honesty, rather than just about persistence, personality and promises. This has made me rethink my company’s entire approach to selling and I believe Martin’s Sandler approach will lead to more sales and far less time and resource wasted on following leads that are going nowhere. I look forward to working closely with Martin.

Phil Yates-Hill, Business Owner, Financial Services


I had the pleasure of attending a training session led by Martin Hill at Sandler which was really thought provoking! Martin delivered the session with a natural flair, and actively engaged with all parties to understand our business models, discuss challenges and how to eliminate them. It was a great opportunity to reflect on where the business is currently, and how certain behaviours can create a serious financial impact onto the business long term. It was a refreshing presentation, and it was a new way of thinking about the buyer and seller journey which I have not encountered previously. I would highly recommend Martins sessions, and his services would certainly add value to any business.

Holly Vaughan

Partner in The Recruitment Duo


“Martins Executive briefing gave a great insight into a different world of sales for me and opened my eyes to new ways I could approach securing higher value clients and focussing my time on genuine opportunities. I’m excited to explore more ways that the effectiveness of using a consistent Sandler selling system to improve close rates and how using Sandler can help me grow my videography business.”

Dean Massey – Videography Business Owner


“I had an exceptionally productive zoom meeting today with Martin Hill of Sandler Training.Sometimes you forget the basic stuff, the important start point that leads you through a process.

Starting midpoint doesn't get you to a close in a managed fashion.

Thank you, Martin, for putting me back on track and mapping out the process in such a structured manner.

I have committed for each member of my team to attend and now realised that external training represents far better value when presented in a structured way by a professional organisation like Sandler.”
Antony Smith, Luxury Cotswolds Tours business owner

About Martin Hill

I am a Chartered Management Institute qualified leader with over 30 years experience in national & international commercial, sales and people leadership.

My experience has been gained through the asset funding and asset management industries with a global 40 country captive lessor, a £2BN international asset management company with 187,000 vehicles under management and a tier 1 UK bank financier where for over 25 years I was deployed in the UK’s largest vehicle financier.

Having worked across businesses at all levels including being P&L responsible I understand what it takes to build high performing teams and grow a business organically generating incremental sales, increased margins, increased share of wallet and client retention with effective management of prospecting plans through the right behaviours and accountability metrics.

I have extensive experience of recruiting, training, coaching and mentoring high performing teams and individuals and am particularly skilled at identifying the sales challenges a business is facing and developing solutions that deliver profitable growth.

I am passionate about helping people and businesses of all sizes to succeed even through the most challenging of economic and market conditions.



About Sandler Training

Sandler Training is the worldwide leader in sales and management training, with over 250 offices in nearly 30 countries. Our proved methodology and structures have been implemented by thousands of organisations, from blue-chip companies like Oracle, Salesforce and LinkedIn through to SMEs across the UK.

Our training and consulting has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes improve their fortunes and go on to greater success.